Why I love to Travel


Motion sickness is the thing I hate the most next to toothache. But the thing is, I really love to travel. 
Do you ever had the feeling of peacefulness, that everything is beyond your control, it could be accident, a person looking for you, your boss calling or emergencies. You are actually hopeless of whatever happen but that’s none of your fault and there’s nothing you can do about it. Imagine, your sitting into random chair, beside the random person because of a random reason. People may see ‘travel’ in different way. That’s why I like the window aisle, watching the vehicles and natures, all the people and the everyday life of the road. You may see the good and bad, or beautiful and ugly. The travel may be stressful sometimes but in the end you just go with the flow. Waiting to be in your destination, even if you’re going to be late or are already late.

You are helpless person during a travel so don’t forget to grab some headset with you during the ride. You will appreciate every single music in your playlist. Travelling 100km/hr it usually takes 2-3 hrs. My work demands for it, which is great I don’t want to work to office 24/7. It’s a cool job or should I say a dream job for me. So I travel atleast once a week and that’s 4 times a month. So you really get over that motion sickness.


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