My All Day Makeup

There are so many brands out there and types of makeup you could ever imagine. Now for my new lipstick and  face powder I’ve got to try it ASAP. It’s Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Latte Lipstick Spicy and Maybelline White Sofresh Powder. Honestly,

I can’t remember those very long named products and I’m not a cosmetic type of person compare to my twin sister. Trial and error is going to be so expensive for me. I just ask my sister which is which, what should be, what is not and the likes. It’s very effective, since she’s a big fan of makeup and cosmetics she doesn’t hesitate sharing all her knowledge about it, not knowing I’m actually taking advantage of her (bad sister). I saved a lot of money from it, if you want to know more reviews about this products you can read this review of Anne Clutz for Maybelline White Superfresh Powder and this one for the Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick  I bet you want to read a couple of reviews first for each product (or any product) before you consider buying it, you know for financial purposes.

No Makeup Makeup

For my all day makeup I don’t put too much on my face, a powder to cover uneven skin tone and lipstick to hide my pale skin. Those two are enough for everyday life but a touch of eyebrow pencil is good from time to time, for what reason? To look ‘mature’ because honestly I look like a kid without makeup, it’s effective though. Later on I’m going to mention some of the makeup I used occasionally.


Now for my own opinion, among all of the powder foundation I’ve tried this is the only that hides my oily skin good for 6hrs. Then I just have to blot some tissue and brush to retouch and it’s good as new. It’s more pricey than some of its competitors but it’s worth a buy for 300php or 6.00usd

Powder Foundation

It is available in 4 shades: Nude Beige, Natural, Honey and Sand Beige. It really hides my uneven skin tone and makes me look fresh. I got the darkest shade (05) if there were (06) I would take that either. Overall it did it’s job.

On the back of the package it says:


Fresh, radiant look

Flawless, even finish

Clear matte texture

Doesn’t clog pores

All in all I can give 4stars, 4likes, 4hearts, 4favorites or any other 4 that floats in your boat for this product with regards to the 4items mentioned above.

On the other hand, I had a choppy lips but I really love those matte lipstick especially the nudes. It’s like you’re not wearing any lipstick at all. But this lipstick is matte and creamy at the same time which solves my problem. I tried the tester and it’s fine but then looking at the mirror I was like “Wow! She’s calling me to buy her right now” and the very next second it was sold. I believe that shade is there best seller and sold out almost everywhere, well it’s really good for any skin color. And aside from choppy one, I also have dark lips and this lipstick cover it. It’s like on the go everywhere and you can wear it on every occasion.


Touch of Spice

Maybelline Lipstick Sale – Only ₱199. Save ₱100

You better grab one now or else it will get out of stock. You can still check some of their sale here

OK just to sum up everything I love this products I will surely empty them before I go buy another one. Everyone woman should wear makeup once in a while. Not to brag or to look like a clown but to present themselves properly, especially in formal events. So why don’t try some stuffs that will make you look better. Do you have any favorite color or shades, share it to us.

Did I forgot something?

Oh! I almost forgot! I still have to mention the other makeup for special occasions. Well there are only 2 additional product the Naked 2 Eyebrow Pencil and Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick. Again you want to read those reviews first

‘Eyebrow is Life’

Wearing eyebrow can lift up your face immediately right after a long stressful day at work. Good for those who have naturally thick eyebrow. I don’t have a thick brow like Cara Delevigne but at least I can go anywhere without using brow pencil.


Anyways, I really like when I use this pencil, my color is black-brown (blbr). Pure black or brown color doesn’t suite me that much, I prefer a shade that will look very natural in me. It doesn’t fade away easily, I have to put much effort when cleansing my face just to make sure there’s no makeup residue left. By watching lots of video tutorials I learn how to use and put this makeup properly on my face. Typically, I don’t like putting something on my eyebrow everyday. It’s so time consuming and hassle for me, I just wear it when there’s occasion.


Especially the BB Stick Cream since I rarely use it, it last for almost a year or should I say I never finish a stick before. You can use a very small amount and put it all in your face with thin covering. As per a review and my experience it’s not so good hiding blemishes as what’s on the advertisement. It’s the best for those who have clear skin and we don’t recommend it for oily skin. Still you need to choose the best shade for you, mine is the darkest of course ‘radiance’ (still too light for me)

When I was young I told myself “I’m not going to wear makeup, I don’t need it. Natural beauty is the best. But I was wrong, makeups just like phones are now necessities. You should be presentable during interview, you should be attractive if you’re in marketing industry and decent in all occasion of your life.

However, not because you’re wearing makeup doesn’t mean meaning you look pretty. We are already beautiful.  Makeup are only for enhancement of our beauty.



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