“I will Eat Everything TWICE”

They say Filipinos are food lover, well, aren’t all of us? Humans are categorized as omnivores, we love food so much that we do experiments, trial and error, expedition for spices just to satisfy our lust for food etc. We even have different facts about foods, gastronomy, food science, culinary schools everywhere and professional chefs. How can you blame someone if he can’t save money because he spend it all for … let say for some delicious

Chocolate Chips Cookieswp-1485136690472.jpeg

The picture above is not your ordinary cookies it doesn’t even have a brand and cheaper than those “Chips Ahoy” alike. I don’t even know where to buy these as a matter of fact it was just given to me by special someone. He said that he got from a distributor. The taste is one of a kind , a bit of saltines and sweetness blend with each other. Crunch with each bite that melts into your mouth. It’s best serve when hungry and sometimes for some dessert.

Or how about a taste of…

Lasagna w/Garlic Breadscreenshot_2017-01-21-21-44-33-01.jpeg

Lasagna is a baked Italian dish consisting of wide strips of pasta cooked and layered with meat or vegetables, cheese, and tomato sauce This one so far is the best I ever tasted, it’s thin though I really can eat a 5inches thick especially because of the cheese. Sometimes this dishes are too meaty or sweet or salty and we wanted some partner that can tone down it’s taste, well a good drink is good but we don’t want to get full yet. So I suggest to everyone have some garlic bread from time to time, it’s the best partner for our lasagna.

Some dessert just like


With partner of Hot Chocolate this satisfy my unknown craving. Let me describe how it taste. I like the way how they generously put peanuts within and on the top together with icing and a piece of cherry. Cherry tastes so good specially I never thought they will put it there. The texture is cake like meringue, rough and melting into your mouth. Makes me feel so full, though I don’t recommend this for those whose looking for big meal.

And don’t ever forget the waffle time


This picture was taken few years ago but I will never forget how these foods full me. From waffle to nachos to tacos together with frappes.
It was summer and we’re looking for just some snacks and we ended up buying 2 for each of us. Gosh! That was expensive. But among all the expenses we have I have to admit this is the most worth of them all.

How about pastas?


After the sweets here we are on our way to taste Italian foods *voila* “pastas”. They come in different shapes and sizes but all in all they are foods. Now don’t ask me what’s the difference between pasta and noodles ok. According to uncle Google

Pasta is a dish originally from Italy consisting of dough made from durum wheat and water


Noodles are a strip, ring, or tube of pasta or a similar dough, typically made with egg and usually eaten with a sauce or in a soup

Not pretty sure what’s the difference but I can assure you they taste good when added some food and spices.

Bolognese do not taste like your typical spaghetti it’s like more for an adult. Saltiness and unknown taste of unknown ingredient. Though it’s color is a drawback but don’t judge the book by it’s cover. If you feel tired of spaghetti everywhere Bolognese is worth to try.

How about Macaroni it has different varieties. Mine is this straight long macaroni. Well this is nothing different than your typical macaroni but I can say it’s thicker than the rest. A small serving makes you feel full and of course a buttered bread is best side dish.

Of course you’re one and only



This time lets not talk about calories

You see sometimes we eat burgers and it’s not just enough. We want more, more that can satisfy our craving. Well I found the solution long time ago. I found it expensive though it’s really worth it, adding an egg on your burger is superb. As Gigi Hadid said:

Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger to stay sane.

Burger always come with fries, why not try some nachos. It’s perfect beyond explanation. Back to egg, its taste add extra flavor on your burger with ketchup, mayonnaise and some mustard Yummy!!!

More of Lasagna

Greenwich Lasagna Supreme


It’s quite amusing that they put a generous amount of meat on it. I notice one thing though, that white cheese. I’m pretty sure they’re not using that kind of cheese before and it taste really familiar. The taste of white cheese spread we had at home. Well at least it improves the taste, not too sweet nor too salty. The pasta remain tasteless I hope if they can add a bit of flavor on it. But the rest of it is fine, not good not bad just fine. It will be the best meal partner with lots of garlic bread.

For the last resort let me enumerate this one

Pizza Hut


  1. Bolognese
  2. Carbonara
  3. Burger cheese pizza
  4. Double cheese pizza
  5. Thinny cheese
  6. Rolled sausage
  7. Chicken mango salad
  8. Mushroom soup
  9. Caramelized onion soup


Now, let’s have some chapseuy. A healthy meal, gladly Chowking made this amazing dish available. You can have a try of it from time to time to stay away from those oily and fatty food.

Let’s admit it, food makes us happy. Remember when you’re crying and someone gives you lollipop? And now when you’re a woman someone will give you chocolate. Life is too short to not taste every food though there are unhealthy foods but that’s another story. What did we do to deserve this amazing opportunity.

Question: If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?

Answer: I would eat everything in the world. You do not understand. I will eat everything twice – Brook Mahealani Lee

Lets end with that outstanding answer of Miss Universe 1997 Brook Mahealani Lee of USA. She’s so right!!! Do you have any food experience that you can share with us? contact us and tell your stories.



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