Why I love to Travel

Motion sickness is the thing I hate the most next to toothache. But the thing is, I really love to travel.  Do you ever had the feeling of peacefulness, that everything is beyond your control, it could be accident, a person looking for you, your boss calling or emergencies. You are actually hopeless of whatever…

My All Day Makeup

There are so many brands out there and types of makeup you could ever imagine. Now for my new lipstick and  face powder I’ve got to try it ASAP. It’s Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Latte Lipstick Spicy and Maybelline White Sofresh Powder. Honestly,

“I will Eat Everything TWICE”

They say Filipinos are food lover, well, aren’t all of us? Humans are categorized as omnivores, we love food so much that we do experiments, trial and error, expedition for spices just to satisfy our lust for food etc. We even have different facts about foods, gastronomy, food science, culinary schools everywhere and professional chefs….